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I. Three Basic Networking Tips

    1. Fill Out Your Account Information!  

DON’T BE LAZY, your main goal is to truly engage with people in order to create fans. It’s often important to build a strong emotional connection with people to earn their respect and support. Writers from “Push Power Promo” explain how much credibility is earned by having information available for curious fans. They wrote, “Be sure to add as many social links and information about yourself as you can! This helps to strengthen your brand and increase your professionalism.” This definitely helps to build a bridge toward an emotion connection.    Just be yourself! If you like dogs, then post pictures with your dogs! If you’re a foodie, take pictures for “Fab Feast Fridays”! Develop a brand and stick with it. This brings us right to our next point.     

2. Post Regularly, Be Consistent. 

It’s important to consistently have new content for your viewers. You may not yet have the same creditability as the major label artists. That being said, it is important to stay on your follower’s minds as often as possible. I have come to learn that certain content tends to receive more engagement than others, yet this may also depend on your audience. According to writers at “Push Power Promo” they suggest using forms of media to go with your posts. “Usually, pictures and videos tend to stick out and get more impressions.” Not only have I noticed this tip delivered in other blogs, panels, and webinars, I’ve also noticed success with multi-media content within my own social media networking.   

3. Keep a Pinned Post   

This is a great tip It allows you to get your most exciting and important information out front and center. This is mostly because people are lazy, but also, networkers in the industry look through dozens to hundreds of profiles a week. Mostly, people are lazy. That being said! It is especially important to ensure that you update your pinned post every 1-3 days. This tip was given to me at CMW’s mentor cafe by Ariel Hyatt a profession PR. She explained, “If you haven’t updated your ‘pin’ it may appear as if you are not an active user. People are lazy, they probably won’t scroll past your pinned tweet.”    Keep an eye on your analytics to see if your new fan engagement techniques are working out! Happy networking!    

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II. Twitter 101: How to Tweet in Three steps

In this blog, I will share with you some key tips I learn from Ariel Hyatt that have proved to be successful. 

1. Tweet three time a day! 

This may seem excruciating but it is the very minimum. If we’ve learned anything from Kevin we know that doing the minimum this will often achieve minimum results. The reason consistent tweeting is so important is because our content is not shown to everyone on our followers list. In fact, even our top and most well-known brands suffer from this. Big brands like Google and Forbes, only reach a tiny 3.6% of their followers.  

2. Choose five themes. 

Consistency is key! Twitter is essentially full of strangers. How do you get them to like you? You need to be able to display your purpose and personality clearly. Choosing five themes will help you to be consistent and to help you to have a stronger knowledge of what to post about. Your first main theme is already taken care of! The first theme will be you and your talent or business. Get creative, but stay original! 

3. Follow 100 people a day. 

Okay, I know this definitely seems like a daunting task, yet it is 100% doable! There are awesome applications that can assist you with social media networking. My favorite is Crowdfire. After creating an account, the Crowdfire bot starts out by asking you what you want to be famous for, and you’ll fall in with faith from there. The bot collects more information from you regarding your brand, interest and competitors. This helps Crowdfire to generate content that fits your brand just right. It will also generate other similar accounts and will suggest people for you to follow each day. Crowdfire also keeps stats on everything including who has unfollowed you. During your daily prescriptions, you will unfollow these “lameos” right back! Crowdfire is a great tool that helps me complete each of these steps and was O.K.’d by Ariel! Even though Twitter may seem like a challenge that is more trouble than it’s worth, twitter is one of the top platforms used to network in professional and industry settings.  Happy networking!! 

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